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Organisation Management Contact  Enquiries

Secure Services

Malmsbury YJC

Parkville YJP

Secure Welfare Services

Ray Birkin

Steve Kannegiesser

Steve Kannegiesser

Ray Birkin 03 5421 3100

Rick Madigan 03 5421 3100

Steve Kannegiesser 03 9389 4451

Rocky Aloi 03 9370 0190
Diane Woodyard 03 9318 7522

Project Managers for the "RosterCoster for Secure Services" initiative: Tania Morton (V1, 2006), Janine Carr (V2, 2008), Steve Kannegiesser, Ray Birkin and Daniela Lo Bello. Key contributors: Rick Madigan, Daniel Zuzic, Joan Stroud, Antoinette Marsengo, Neil Hutchins, Richard Burnside and Danni Tran. Supplied by Direct Project Solutions, hosted by NetDynamics.
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